Falls Prevention & Functional Rehabilitation Classes

As the saying goes ‘use it or lose it!’. This simply refers to the fact that the less you do, the weaker muscles become and the stiffer joints can get.  The body loses strength naturally as we age but this process can be affected by exercise. The process in which skeletal muscles tend to wither and weaken, is known as sarcopenia. This begins to appear at around age 40 and accelerates after 75 and is a major cause of disability in the elderly. Exercise can help counter the effects of this age-related muscle loss.


Health experts advise that regular exercise for the elderly offers great benefits, including extending lifespan.  However, alarmingly, only one in four people between the ages of 65 and 74 exercise regularly.

According to the National Institute for Ageing, exercise is good for people of any age and can ease symptoms of many chronic conditions contrary to popular belief, weakness and poor balance are actually linked to inactivity, rather than age.

The benefits of exercise:

  • Living longer

  • Preventing falls

  • Reduce risk of heart attack or stroke

  • Better bone density

  • Reduced dementia risk

  • Prevent or delay disease

  • Increase function and confidence

These classes start in September 2019.  Call to book your place

Meet the Specialist


Kamaljit Saggu

After my degree in Sport and Exercise Science, I did a one year placement in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation at Glenfield Hospital. That gave me the desire to work in exercise rehabilitation. I worked for 10 years in the NHS as a Rehabilitation Assistant, the last 3 years of which were in Milton Keynes University Hospital, A&E department. In early 2018 I moved on and became a Personal Trainer/Coach.

Therefore, whether it is rehabilitation from injury, adapting to a life-changing condition, or simply wanting to remain active in your later years, my individually tailored exercise and fitness programs will have you on the move and achieving more than you might ever have thought possible.

I have worked with those living with MS, lower leg neuropathy, asthma, dementia, heart conditions, arthritis, frailty/falls and shoulder, hip and back problems.

In every case, the physical and mental impact experienced from these conditions has, through my training, quite literally transformed their lives and improved the quality of their lives.

Our classes


Whether  recovering from injury, adapting to a life-changing condition, or simply wanting to remain active in your later years, our individually tailored programs or low-impact supportive exercise classes will have you on the move and help you achieve more than you might ever have thought possible.


Falls Prevention Class


There are ways you can reduce your risk of having a fall, including making simple changes to your home and doing exercises to improve your strength and balance.

If you have fallen in the past, making changes to reduce your chances of having a fall can also help you overcome any fear of falling.

Doing regular strength exercises and balance exercises can improve your strength and balance, and reduce your risk of having a fall.

This can take the form of simple activities such as walking or specialist training programmes. 

It's important that a strength and balance training programme is tailored to the individual and monitored by an appropriately trained professional.


Functional Rehabilitation Class


Exercise can improve your body’s overall strength, endurance, performance and ability to maintain a good level of function. This can in turn maintain or  improve your ability to manage daily tasks.




£8 per class


Classes are booked in term time blocks



Class Times


Falls Prevention Friday - 1.00pm

Functional Rehabilitation Friday - 2.00pm




To book a class please call 01908 619912