Zach Johnson-the perfect swing!

Most of us could only dream of having a swing like this but all of us can improve with the correct advice and input.  Why not call us today to book an appointment.  If you would like to discuss what we have to offer then please feel free to call for  friendly chat.  We don't just treat injuries, we can help improve your game too.

The benefit of Golf Physiotherapy

I have been a keen golfer myself since a teenager and have strived to improve my game ever since.  The joy of seeing my game improve is a great thrill.  Over the years I have had many golf lessons and it was a year ago while having a lesson I first realized how physiotherapy could help the amateur golfer improve their game as well as treating injuries.  When asked to stretch into a new finish position which involved more extension and rotation of the thoraic spine I struggled to manage to reach the postion asked by Darren my Pro.  Being a chartered physiotherapist I understood what I needed to do to improve this and spent the next month performing exercises I set myself which enabled me to reach this position and greatly improved my swing.  I was then able to progress further with Darren.


I realized while a golf professional has a vast knowledge of what the perfect swing looks like and how to achieve this with instuction they don't have the anatomical and biomechanical expertise that physiotherapists have.  There are courses available which enable golf professionals to learn this to some extent however I feel each profession has their strengths and would work better by combining them.  I have played for many years, had many lessons and play to an official handicap of 5 however I understand that compared to a golf professional who is specially trained to assess the golf swing, my knowledge is very limited and I would not be able to identify many of the swing faults that they would when assessing a player.  I can however analyse anatomical and biomechanical restrictions in a player that may cause or at least have a part to play in such faults.  I believe that by working together we can have a far greater benefit on a players ability.  


The aim of our service is to analyse a players swing on the range together and discuss where the faults are.  I then aim to assess the player back at our clinic with these faults in mind to identify any biomechanical restrictions that my be at fault and set an appropriate treatment plan targeted at improving the players ability to achieve what is being asked of them.  As an example if you had a capsular restriction in your shoulder limiting lateral rotation then as you approach the ball on the downswing this could force you to release the club head too early resulting in a loss of club head speed and resulting loss of power.  A loss in hip rotation could cause either a restriction in backswing or follow through.  To compensate you may try to find the movement from elswhere meaning loss of form and poor ball strike.


If you have been struggling to improve your game despite lessons and practice then this may be the service for you.  We have teamed up with golf professionals from The Bedford, The Millbrook and Apsley Guise golf clubs which means you can be seen at a selection of clubs to suit you. If you wanted to limit the chances of the weather or restricted daylight affecting your lesson we have linked up with iplaygolf.  This is an indoor facility with modern simulators situated in Newport Pagnell.  Here you can have your assessment done even when its dark (see our links page for more information).  If you would like to discuss this service further or book an appointment please contact us and ask to speak to Neil Campbell.